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Which Japanese fonts do you use on Chrome? - Feed Post from Annick to mog86uk

Which Japanese fonts do you use on Chrome?
posted by Annick

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  • Annick
    Meiryo and clearType solved my problem. So much better now, I could hardly read some kanji before.
  • mog86uk
    Yeah, I use Meiryo mainly. However, I also toy around with over 100 Japanese fonts that I have installed. You can see a screenshot of this in one of my posts on Beta JCJP:


    I sometimes use this to make practice more fun. If you're interested in finding some more Japanese fonts, then the site I mentioned in that post is pretty awesome. ^^

  • Annick
    Yes, I already know that website, it's awesome. I'm using a different computer than I usually do and the fonts were almost unreadable. The kanji looked also different. However it doesn't change anything on the new JCJP
  • Annick
    It's a good thing to get use to different fonts, I should try that.
  • mog86uk
    Yeah, the fonts on the new JCJP are pretty hard to read at the moment.

    It doesn't help that feeds on both current and new JCJP use 12px font size, which isn't too bad, BUT the comments are slightly smaller at 11px font size. 11px font size is not good for great for most Japanese (Chinese) fonts, but Meiryo was especially designed to work well at small sizes.
  • mog86uk
    The reason why installing Meiryo hasn't helped you for Beta JCJP is that the most of the site doesn't specify any Japanese fonts to use - so you just end up with the bad fonts that Chrome chooses like SimSun (Chinese font!).

    I actually posted an official bug report for this on the Beta testing website (Trello) earlier. I also posted what you said about Private Notes too, in case Beeant missed when you mentioned it on the site. I had thought you were on Trello already, so I hadn't posted it before now.

    Beeant set the Trello page to 'public' recently, meaning anyone on the internet can view it. So if you want to check out what's been reported so far, or report any other bugs in the Beta, it's probably fine for me to give you the link:

  • Annick
    I changed sans-serif font for Arial Unicode MS, it gives me the right kanji but it's still a bit small...
  • Annick
    Finally I chose meiryo 18px for sans-serif font and it's all fine. The rendering is not as pretty as on Firefox but at least it's readable.
    I'm not on Trello, is it the blog for testers?
  • mog86uk
    I haven't found an ideal font for sans-serif that won't make some other sites I use look weird.

    When the private beta started, the users who asked beeant to participate as beta testers were the only users who could access the Beta JCJP. We were also added to the JCJP board on Trello for where we should post bugs and discuss things.

    After the private beta ended and the public beta began, all JCJP users can access Beta JCJP. Trello was still set as private for a while, but then beeant changed it recently to public -- So now anyone on the internet can Google for and view the JCJP Trello page.

    If you had any other bugs to post you could probably ask beeant to add you to Trello. Although I don't know if it will be too long until the new JCJP is finally released anyway. Still, thought you might be interested in seeing the Trello page as you are one of the top JCJP users. ^^
  • Annick
    Yeah I got weird fonts as well, on Wiki for instance, but it looks better since I selected cleartype. Thanks,I will take a look on Trello. I didn't realize I was spending so much time here ^^;
  • mog86uk
    Hey Annick. Hopefully you see this message in your notifications (it's not easy to send a private message in this new version).

    I was wondering if you checked out the Trello board? It's now been set back to 'private' again, but I can add you to the JCJP beta testing board if you want to view it or post suggestions/bugs. Beeant was asking for ideas to give the Notes feature a 'less boring' appearance, and I thought that you--being someone who likes making use of the Notes feature a lot--might have some opinions on this? or at least would want to know what might be being planned?

    Anyway, Beeant said its fine for me to add you and other users. So, if you're interested, create an account on Trello http://trello.com and then post your username in a reply to this message, and then I can add you. ^^

    No worries if you aren't actually interested though; just an idea. Can also just get added and never really use it too (which is what most the other people on the board seem to do anyway!) :)
  • mog86uk
    *bump* Just in case you didn't see the first notification.

    Kekkou accidentally deleted the first notification when I sent him a similar invitation message, but saw the second notification. If you're actually completely not interested though, that's fine. Just making sure you actually saw the message in the first place though. ^^
  • Annick
    Sorry, I missed those messages, I don't remember getting notifications either. I took a quick look a while back before my computer started giving me hard time, I don't know if I can contribute much but why not? My username is annick12.
  • mog86uk
    Aah, sorry, I also ended up missing any notification of your message too. :S

    I've just added you to the board. :)
  • Annick
    Thanks! :)
    I don't receive notifications at all since a while, I'm checking my "read messages" everyday to be sure I'm not missing anything.
  • mog86uk
    I think I'm going to have to start doing that, as I didn't see this message either. XD

    I'm fairly sure it jumped past 'unread' and went straight to 'read'. I receive emails for all unread JCJP notifications, but I haven't received ANY emails for your recent comments on this post (same with the post I'm talking to Kekkou on).

    I think maybe notifications work differently in different circumstances. Maybe it doesn't list it as 'unread' if it's a reply to an old post, or maybe stops notifying after a certain number of comments has been reached...