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Suggestion: Competetional games

I had an idea for a long time about this and just remembered it.

A few months back I was working on making a 3D game, yes I am a game -artist- developer in training, of a Japanese classroom.

However, I put it on hold to gain revenue for a game I can make profit from.

Anyway, what about games?
Be it Flash, PHP, AJAX or whichever or even a Unity3D Web Browser Plugin ( http://www.unity3d.com )

I would imagine that if you played games in a classroom setting in 3D or even in the web browser would entice people to compete for the best knowledge possible and have user rankings.

Like what if the user were to compete against other users and have a competition match over the best Kanji/Kana or anything else?

I am sure the ideas can come flowing from this :3

Anyone vouch for this?
posted by JanetMerai

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  • beeant
    Hello JanetMerai,

    Wow, so you're a game developer. Maybe you can help me with JCJP development. ;)

    Actually I began to start JapaneseClass.jp two years ago trying to create a game to make learning Japanese more fun.

    I came out with EXP, and Ranking ideas. and it continues until now, I am still trying to generate ideas to evolve JapaneseClass.jp

    My current plan is to create an Avatar system, and also items, etc. I am trying to relate the virtual items with Japanese learning, hoping that the items can help the user to learn Japanese. I am having difficulties in this. Do you have any idea?

    This Unity3D seems great! I would like to try it, I hope that it is not going to be difficult to learn.

    Thank You,
  • JanetMerai
    I would love to make a game to help others learn Japanese :3

    However, unfortunately I am not a programmer but actually an artist.

    I can make art, 3D models, 3D model animations and other various artistic things :3

    As for programming, sorry I suck at it lol

    Unity does the majority of the coding for me, so I have luck lol
  • beeant
    Do you have any online gallery of your works that I can take a look?
  • JanetMerai
    Yes, here is my gallery:
    (You have to sign up to see the more mature and adult images)

    My portfolio gallery still needs major updates but you can access it here: