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Now group page per language is open for public.<br><br>in the group page you can,<br><br>- practice writing Japanese sentence<br>- receive sentence correction from other users<br><br>There is one group per language translation that is available in JCJP.<br><br><a href="">English </a>(alternate translation by fuonk)<br><a href="">Chinese</a><br><a href="">Dutch</a><br><a href="">Finnish</a><br><a href="">French</a><br><a href="">German</a><br><a href="">Indonesian</a><br><a href="">Malay</a><br><a href="">Russian</a><br><a href="">Spanish</a><br><a href="">Swedish</a><br><br>When you add a sentence in ONE of the groups, the Japanese sentence will be posted in the "New Sentence" section of ALL groups (to be translated into other language or to be fixed by users in other group)<br><br>As this feature is new, <br>please report if there is any suggestions to make this feature better<br>or any bug report<br><br>Thank You,<br>JCJP Admin
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