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Hints & Tips on using JCJP to Learn Japanese

I will share some Hints & Tips on using JCJP to Learn Japanese
These are the list of what I have thought so far.
Anybody can help me to share some more useful Hints & Tips on using JCJP to Learn Japanese.

Thank You,

- Learn all the vocabulary/kanji list of the chapter before you do the chapter test
- Do all chapter tests of your level before doing Random Practice Questions
- do Random Practice Questions after you finished all the chapter tests of your level to fulfill the remaining EXP to reach the next level

Vocabulary Lessons
Twitter Sentence Feature
- use twitter examples to get deeper understanding on the vocabulary
- find and read short sentence from twitter examples

Kanji Lesson
- in kanji lesson page, click on the kanji row to see the kanji combination
- mouse over the kanji row and find additional menu on the right of the row
- try to write kanji on paper according to the kanji stroke order (you can find stroke order link on the additional menu on the right of the kanji row)

- Before doing Practice questions, it is recommended to look at the lessons page to learn the Vocabularies and Kanji and do the Chapter tests.
- You can also learn new Vocabularies and Kanji by making mistakes in Random Practice Questions as the correct answer will show when you give the wrong answer.
- reach higher combo points in Random Practice Questions for faster EXP earning. EXP bonus gets double every 15 combos (15,30,45..)
- study your weak list on your statistics page everyday
- reach at least 2000 - 5000 EXP points per level each day.

- watch videos and copy their pronunciation
- study vocabulary list of each video
- do the quiz of each video that has vocabularies

- Browse all photos and study the vocabularies using the photo
- Do photo practice questions (you can find the purple link on the photo listing page)

posted by beeant

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  • spanz
    You forgot sentences & challenges!
  • beeant
    Ya, its because, I still think that there are so many more things to improve on sentences & challenges.
  • Laura
    Thanks Beeant. New here and I love the site! Question about the videos I cant get them to load up are they maybe UTube applications? Because Utube is blocked here in Turkey. tonikaku arigatoo!! otsukaresama deshita! roora. :) w
  • beeant
    Hello Laura.
    Thanks for your positive feedback =D
    yes those videos are mostly from YouTube... too bad... =(
    Thank you for using this site!
  • spanz
    Hello, Laura!
    You can try to access the video pages (even youtube directly) through some http proxies. They should work from everywhere (including Turkey!).
    There's many of them. This one seems to work for me: http://ijapan.org/blue
    Just navigate to that url, and then write (copy & paste) the url of the video page you wanna see into the center box and push "go".
    The speed will be severely affected, but it should work.
    Good luck!
  • Vilios
    Hello, Laura.
    Instead of using a http proxy or even the always better https proxys you can go here http://hotspotshield.com/ and down load the programe its 100% free and safe and should let you do just about anything you want on the iternet. the only down side is it is slightly slow though it should be much faster then using a proxy.