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Links Feature

Nobody seems to use the Links feature.

I am planning to make the Links feature like a Social Bookmarking site.

So the purpose of this link feature is to share Japanese Learning Resources or any interesting Japanese Article.

In further development of this feature (if there are some people use it), the users will be able to add vocabulary or kanji from the Japanese Article. So that the user can see how the vocabulary is being used in real sentences. Also, discuss the meaning of each sentence, etc.

Do you think this feature is interesting? if it is not that useful, maybe I will have to remove this feature from the site.

or maybe some inputs to improve this feature?
posted by beeant

Comments 2

  • ibun
    well it seems to be a interessting feature, but talking from my point of view now: since i am at the beginning i can't contribute any sites, since i am not reading them (rather can't). if someone would underline grammer things (i.e. those verb forms in real life circumstances) i would welcome those things. links seem to be a good thing, but a small section with grammer examples wouldnt be bad either
  • ehdasgostar