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Japanese TV on your computer!

The servers are back online! Everyone should get this program! (at least, anyone using Windows)

NIJI lets you watch 11 major Japanese TV channels on your computer and works extremely well. I've been using it a while and it seems to be a decent program. However the servers suddenly went offline a couple of months ago and have been offline since. But, somewhen in the last few days, eight of the channels have now come back online! ^^

(More info about the channels posted below...)
posted by mog86uk

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  • mog86uk
    Here's the list of TV channels and their homepages / wikipedia information. Channels 3, 5 and 6 are the ones which currently aren't back online but hopefully will be soon.

    1.  テレビ東京  {TV Tokyo (TX)}

    2.  テレビ朝日  {TV Asahi (EX)}

    3.  フジテレビ  {Fuji TV (CX)}

    4.  TBS  {Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)}

    5.  NHK教育  {NHK Educational TV (NHK E)}

    6.  日本テレビ  {Nippon TV (NTV, AX)}

    7.  NHK総合  {NHK General TV (NHK G)}

    8.  テレビ大阪  {TV Osaka (TVO)}

    9.  読売テレビ  {Yomiuri TV (ytv)}

    10. J SPORTS 1 {J Sports 1}

    11. 関西テレビ {Kansai TV (KTV)}
  • LIAM
    thanks alot for this
  • Dekomori
    Thanks, I'm watching something right now. I don't understand any of it :D
  • mog86uk
    Someone else recommended this program on here somewhen last year. I forgot who it was, but wanted to let them know the servers are back online. ^^

    I should probably have linked the actual programme guides on the websites for each channel. They are pretty easy to find on each site, usually somewhere close to the in the top-left corner of the webpage.

    番組表 (ばんぐみひょう) = programme guide
    午前 = A.M.
    午後 = P.M.
    (Hopefully everyone can read the days of the week! and obviously the times are Japan Standard Time (JST) not your own country time...) :P
  • mog86uk
    @Dekomori Haha. I was watching rugby on the J Sports channel. Didn't know ruby was playing in Japan. ^^

    There's also a lot of アニメ. Pretty much all the channels have some (excepts J Sports, obviously!), but I'm usually asleep when they're on... ;_;
  • Koukyoshi
    If you already know what show or drama you like, you can use a free VPN like http:www.hola.org to watch content on www.youku.com.
  • kevinchai
    This is a nice program! The video seems to stutter every once in a while, though. Any way I can sacrifice quality for a more stable stream?
  • mog86uk
    @kevinchai Sadly not. There doesn't seem to be any settings at all for the program. I think the video streaming method makes use of P2P, so everyone needs to be using the same quality stream.

    Some channels often stream more smoothly than others though. Channels 1, 2, 4, and 7 often seem to have this stuttering problem, but not always. However, channels 8 to 11 will often play flawlessly for hours.

    At the moment there seems to be something wrong with the 9th channel, Yomiuri TV. For the last couple of nights it has been playing the 8th channel TV Osaka's content, although in a different aspect ratio. Hopefully this isn't going to be permanent and will get corrected. I'm certain it was playing the correct content the other day when I was watching it.
  • kevinchai
    Looks like they have a button for フィードバック but I'm not sure I'm confident enough in my language skills to email them, heh.
  • mog86uk
    Hmm. So now only 4 channels are online (the last 4 in the list). There seemed to be issues with the other channels anyway, whereas these 4 work well (except KTV doesn't have any sound at the moment...).

    At least all 4 of these channels are playing the correct streams now (the channel for ytv isn't playing a copy of the TVO stream anymore).

    I'm currently watching J Sports 1, which is showing a Premier League football match, Chelsea vs. Swansea. Seems funny me living in England, watching a Japanese TV channel located in Japan, which is showing a football game between two English teams currently being played in England... Very interesting and educational watching it with Japanese commentary though. ^^
  • mog86uk
    Although the match is from yesterday, not actually live. Pretty cool though.
  • mog86uk
    And, of course, Swansea is a Welsh team (not English). They were playing at home too, so that match was being played in Wales (not England)... Man, I hate how lacking in sleep I am unless I go back to bed in the afternoon every Sunday. I make so many absent minded mistakes whenever I try to write anything. ;_;

    I was also wrong when I said the last 4 channels are all streaming the correct content. For some reason the channel for J Sports 1 is actually streaming J Sports 2.

    It's now been two hours and the sound on KTV still isn't working. Hopefully NIJI only having 3½ channels isn't a permanent thing; hopefully will get back up to full 11 channel operation soon. ^^
  • mog86uk
    OK!! Just checked tonight and now 10 out of the 11 channels are online!

    The only channel still offline is the NHK教育 channel, but the status message says this is just a temporary issue.

    The 10 channels which are online all worked absolutely perfectly for the few mintutes that I watched each of them tonight. All of them are playing sound now. All of them are playing their correct TV stations, except that J Sports 1 is still streaming J Sports 2 (so more UK Premier League football commentated by Japanese dudes!).

    I've noticed one bad thing though. Because of my sleep patterns I only get to see late night TV before work and day time TV after work. All the anime and the other awesome evening TV stuff is always on when I'm asleep... ;_;

    Everyone definitely needs to check out this program!
  • xiumi
    ...This feels like a stupid question but how exactly do you use it? o.O
  • xiumi
    Never mind, i figured it out XD thank you so much for this, now I can practice my listening :)
  • mog86uk
    No problem. ^^

    I actually have problem in the newly released current version of this application. After I've been using it for around ten minutes or so one of the parts of this application stops working, with Windows saying that "ppp_release.exe has stopped working".

    It might be something which will go away if I reinstall NIJI, as maybe the program didn't get installed correctly when I did it. Does anyone else have this issue, or is it just me?
  • mog86uk
    (Also, the order of the channels in the current version is slightly different from what I posted, as I wrote that list for a previous version of the application.)
  • KumikoKumaa
    How do you use this I cant figure it out ('v';)
  • mog86uk
    Oh sweet there's a new version out! The program worked really well before, but version 2.08 kept popping up with a random error message after ten minutes of using the program and made it so I needed to close and open it again.

    Hopefully this new version 2.16 will have sorted out that problem. Thanks KumikoKumaa for posting on this thread, because I hadn't used Niji Show for a few weeks but the reply notification made me check it out again. ^^
  • mog86uk
    Well, when you first install it, it will probably be version 2.08. When you run it there will be a pop-up message:

    "Niji Show プログラムアップグレードのプロンプト"
    (Niji Show version upgrade prompt)

    Click on the button "今すぐアップデート"
    (update now)

    It should find a new version is available. Click the button "アップグレード"

    Once it finishes updating it should say "アップデートに成功しました"
    (updated successfully)

    So click "OK" and the program should restart in version 2.16. You need to make an account and log into it before you can play any of the TV channels.

    Click the "ログイン" button at the top
    (log in)

    On this login window you have the following things:

    メールアドレス: (email address:)
    新規取得 (obtain new) {create a new account}

    パスワード: (password:)
    パスワードを忘れた (forgot password)

    ログインしたままにする (keep logged in) {log in automatically}
    ログイン (log in)

    So you'll need to click the 新規取得 link, to open a webpage to make a new account. Luckily this site is in English so I don't need to explain this step. ^^

    IMPORTANT though: I tried to use a Gmail address and didn't receive the confirmation email that contains the link you need to click to finish creating the account. I had to make an address on a different site (Yahoo) instead, which worked fine.

    Once you have created your account, just go back to the program and enter your new account's email address and password (probably want to tick the checkbox too), and click the ログイン button.

    Now you can watch TV! Simply double click which TV channel you want to watch from the list.
    Enjoy! ^^
  • mog86uk
    Okay, it turns out I already had version 2.16 on my main system. I using a different system at the time. Version 2.16 has been around for a couple of months, so the problem I was experiencing hasn't been sorted out.

    What's worse is that currently it seems like all 11 channels are completely offline again. I've run out of time to check further for now, but I'll try to find a way to get it working after I get home from work. :/
  • mog86uk
    Oh wow! All 11 channels are actually online, displaying their correct content and playing near flawlessly! I'll explain what you need to do if you ended up with the same problems as me...

    Nearly all of the download links on the website are for version 2.0.8, meaning it will tell you to update to the latest version (2.1.6) as soon as you run it. However the updater doesn't update to 2.1.6 correctly, which is why none of the channels worked for me earlier. So what you need to do is not download 2.0.8 at all and make sure the file you download from the website is 2.1.6 itself.

    There is one single official download link for 2.1.6, which is the large orange coloured download button near the top of this page:

    At the bottom of that page is another download link, but that one is for the old version 2.0.8...

    The top homepage for niji also has two links, which both still link to the old version 2.0.8...
    ミラーダウンロード 1
    ミラーダウンロード 2

    Also, I've now been watching for 20 minutes and haven't seen that random error message pop up once yet. So looks like 2.1.6 fixed that problem! This program really is perfect for watching Japanese TV! ^^

    So yeah, as long as you download 2.1.6 directly instead of updating, then it should work perfectly fine! Just need to follow the instructions I gave two posts back for how to log in with a new account. So happy now. :)
  • Nebulahime14
    Is there a way to like, TiVo them? Like record shows as you would on a DVR? Probably not, but it's worth asking since most of the shows I like come on when I'm supposed to be asleep...