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Ideas - Online Users list

The 'Online Users' list appears to be pretty jumpy and overly hyperactive at the moment, with users flying in and out every second. Anyone else got opinions on ways it could be improved?
posted by mog86uk

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  • mog86uk
    One idea I've thought of... Instead of users disappearing from the list, when they change pages or log off, maybe the username could just be greyed out first for a certain duration (like 3 minutes) before it removes them from the online list.

    Currently, when users change pages, they get removed from the list for a second or two and then reappear again. If it greyed out when this happened, it should look smoother and less jumpy?
  • mog86uk
    Also, a 'doing chat' status icon would be helpful (like the 'doing practice' and 'doing lessons' icons) so that we could know who else is in Chat. ^^
  • kekkou
    beeant actually knows about this problem. Here is his reply from last night.

    >> The bug that I worry right now is the online user list, it appears to be kind of disturbing. I need to fix it. and some other stuffs

    At least, we have released the new JCJP. Sorry to take the time to write and optimize the codes.
  • mog86uk
    Yeah, I expect it's pretty high on his list at the moment. Why I think it might be good to hear if anyone has any interesting ideas. :)
  • mog86uk
    Beeant seems to come up with really cool ideas without any help anyway though! :P
  • lolnada
    yeah, sometimes it kindda gets stuck for a while and then goes really fast updating the user's activity.

    I got a really bad internet, so it might be my conection problems tho
  • beeant
    I have optimized this a bit by giving 3 seconds delay to update the list online users (the exp up date is still real time). How do you feel about the online users list now? the grey up solution seems cool! I will try it if you don't feel good about the current online users list.