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Stay away from oblivion!

To never have items appear in the Oblivion List, how many questions would I have to answer each day?

I was trying to figure this out.

・You get 30 days after answering a question before the time comes round for it to appear in the Oblivion List.
・According to user profile, there are 1753 vocabulary items and 1461 kanji items.
・1753 (vocabulary items) + 1461 (kanji items) = 3214 (total items)
・3214 (total items) / 30 (days) = 107.1333... (items needed to do per day)

So if I keep answering 108 questions a day, eventually the Oblivion List should be perpetually cleared? ^^
Does that sound right?
posted by mog86uk

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  • KuuderesShadow
    Not quite - because the thing that you haven't encountered for the longest time is not always the one that comes up.
  • mog86uk
    Yeah, I had thought about this. I understand Oblivion would almost certainly not be cleared after the first 30 days.
    However, after maybe a couple of months it should even out, and then hopefully Oblivion would stay cleared with just 108 questions per day?

    A couple of months ago, I did almost 1000 questions of practice in one evening. My oblivion list ended up completely empty, but then I stopped doing practice for 1 month -- and then came back to every single item being back on the Oblivion List!
    It was a nice sight to see that tab disappear though. ^^