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Option to answer questions without the popup?

I think the ability to answer questions, press "learn" or a "quick" learn method is a great way to make sure you remember the Kanji, phrase or anything else.

When I view the Kanji in my list of weakness and ones I may not have learned, I would love to be able to press "I know now" or "I kind of know it" so it seems human and realistic instead of as if a computer is storing it for you.

This idea came from "Japanese" in the iPhone App store, in the flashcard section, it is up to your honesty to say "I know it" or "I sort of know it" and it stores it into sections to where you may or may not know it and you come across it until you know it well.

The system is called "Lietner" and is based on memory recalling.

Instead of going to a separate popup, I would love to answer them on the fly and be re-tested on it, even reminded that its been a while since the last one I said I remember.

Even a toolbar or something for a web-browser to remind you of Kanji, words or other things may help when you are away too or even an iPhone App.
posted by JanetMerai