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Random and Auto Slideshow?

I would love to have a feature on the Slideshow to automatically go to the next vocabulary or Kanji (I love how you can automatically play the sound) without having to click anything.

As of now, I have to manually click "next" for the next Vocabulary, Kanji or anything else to appear.

When I am 3D modeling, drawing or doing something productive, I LOVE to have a slideshow of vocabulary, kanji and other stuff automatically playing so I can learn as I create.

Currently I love the "autoplay" feature but I think even "Photos" or "Auto Slideshow" would work just as great too.
(Imagine having a Photo to associate the content as a cue to remember it better, it dramatically helps especially with anime photos)

Can this be considered?

Maybe a timer can be set and to make sure you don't just remember the "order" of the content you can set it to "Random" so you don't memorize the pattern but instead the content.

Anyone else like this idea?
posted by JanetMerai