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JLPT Specific?

As this site targets mostly non Japanese learners wanting to learn Japanese, I am somewhat surprised that (please do NOT take this offensively) an authentic Japanese person makes a site but does not include the standard "JLPT (Japanese Language Pro-efficiency Test)" created by Japanese for non Japanese learners of the Japanese language itself.
Mind you that the JLPT was created by the Japanese Government or some public foundation in Japan so it isn't just a fan-created term or otaku generated thing.
(There are plenty of sites and Applications on the iPhone where native Japanese people would criticize developers for not including the JLPT standard)

The JLPT is intended to include a standard amount of Kanji, Vocabulary, Verbs, Grammar and a ton of other Content to make sure non Japanese can become fluent in Japanese by understanding all of the JLPT.

I think it would be great to introduce a JLPT feature for those who wish to take the test and not randomly go off to other Kanji as it would be a waste of time.

With the new, yet relatively the same, N standard of 1-5 (N1, N2, and so on) it would be great to have a list to that so one can reference the JLPT for career-minded individuals.
posted by JanetMerai

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  • beeant
    In the current system, the lesson database is kind of related to JLPT.

    But it is not specifically for JLPT.

    I have created a Facebook app based on JLPT vocabulary database (4-2)
    But again, the level and vocabulary set divisions are not based on JLPT level.
    The level is from 1-100, as you get closer to level 100, you get closer to JLPT level 2 vocabularies.

    You can try the app here:
  • beeant
    You can always use Note to find JCJP user's Notes on JLPT.
    Or you can create your own.

    The current note system is not perfect yet, there is no edit function.
    I will add it soon.
  • JanetMerai
    Don't rush yourself Beeant :3

    If you don't want to add JLPT you don't have to, but I think it could draw more people in because non Japanese people rely on it a lot.
    (Some of my friends who want to learn Japanese who aren't Japanese try with the JLPT first)

    On the other hand, I don't like FaceBook and there are problems I can see using it.
    Its a personal issue really.