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Listening Comprehension Testing?

I was thinking it would be awesome to have a section on "Comprehensive Listening" where you would listen to a sentence or word and be tested on what you heard.


You get the sentence with audio;
What was said?
"What time is it?"
"What was that?"
"What is your name?"

Anyone else like this idea?
posted by JanetMerai

Comments 2

  • spanz
    Oh yes. I do.

    Good idea, Janet. And this one seems to be easy to implement.
    Even if we must suffer the Google's synthetic voice, it would be very interesting.
    I think those questions wouldn't be difficult to prepare. We just need a sort of modified Note with the appropriate fields.

    Beeant: What do you think? It doesn't look too hard to do...
  • JanetMerai
    I was wondering where that voice came from... but seriously as detailed as I am, I think it could work out since you have to pay royalties to other people.
    Had Beeant taken words from a natural speaker, he could get into trouble... so the synthesizer would be a good choice due to royalties and legal issues.

    What do you think about this Beeant?