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iOS Device Support?

The only thing I have seen that is not supported by this site, is the automated audio technology.

I can't believe how good I am at listening to Japanese after hours of study on the audio feature... it truly helps me understand the types of wording, tone, meaning and so on.

While trying it on my iPhone, the button works but there is absolutely no audio and I tested it with two head-sets/ear-buds and to no avail did it work.

Are there any plans to support mobile devices with the audio feature?
Everything else seems to be working fine.
posted by JanetMerai

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  • beeant
    Ya, because the audio uses flash ><

    I will try to switch to HTML 5, but this is going to be a time taking time, as I have to switch all pages to HTML 5. Or I would probably create an iPhone app only for practice or lessons. just learning feature.

    There are many plans for JCJP expansions.

    But right now, as you know, I'm kind of busy (but getting better now) and moreover, my MBP is broken, lots of freezes >< I'm trying to fix it by myself, repairing cost too much.