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Dilbert in Japanese

Not sure that this will be interesting to anyone else in the slightest, but I love this. I came across the site the other day. The Japanese translations seem to retain the spirit of the original well. It's on a Japanese IT website, so their translations are decent. The purpose of it seems partly for Japanese people learning English, but it is cool for the other way around too. ^^
For some reason the older strips aren't online anymore and it actually starts on this one, #115:
posted by mog86uk

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  • Koukyoshi
    Site is pretty interesting. Gonna add it to the list of sites I check out every day. Thanks!
  • HuongHitachi
    i think it's interesting, too. thanks a lot
  • mog86uk
    Several years ago I used to read Dilbert comic strips a lot. It's nice to be able to read them again and be able to learn Japanese while doing it. ^^

    I'm not sure what it is about their Japanese translations, but it doesn't feel like as much effort to read as that level of Japanese text usually is for me. Maybe it's just because I've also been using Duolingo a lot recently, which has helped me a lot with writing and understanding sentences.

    I feel like I'm managing to pick up a lot of useful new vocabulary from these Dilbert translations. The sentence patterns used are very neat for some of the grammar things I'm trying to get better at.

    It would also be nice if you could hide the English text in the strips. I was trying to write a script which automatically detects the text and blanks it out, but that is proving to be too much effort to do. I've made a bodged version of this though...

    What the script I made does is it automatically blurs the whole strip, just enough that you can still make out the image fairly okay but you can't read the text. And it makes it so when you hover the mouse over the image it cancels the blur effect for that panel.

    With this script I can read the Japanese translation without having the temptation of looking at the English text first. And, after reading the translation for each panel, I can hover over the panels to un-blur them to check if I read it correctly. ^^

    I want to start at #115 and try to work my way the whole way through upto the newest strip. But unfortunately the way the navigation is set up doesn't make this terribly easy...