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Kanji you think should be in the 常用 kanji list but are not?

嬉, as in 嬉しい (うれしい) "glad, happy".

There are 2,136 kanji in Japan's official 常用(じょうよう)漢字(かんじ)表(ひょう) "regular-use kanji list".

Some kanji you might expect to find in that list of 2,136 kanji are not actually in it. If you've expected that a kanji should be in the 常用漢字表 but were surprised that it isn't, add it in the comments below. ^^
posted by mog86uk

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  • mog86uk
    Well, to get the ball rolling, here's one that might be a little suprising:

    鞄, as in 鞄 (かばん) "bag, satchel, briefcase".

    Should recognise the word 鞄 (かばん) well, as it is taught in the Vocabulary lessons here on JCJP, in level 1 chapter 1! Yet 鞄 isn't even one of the 2,136 official regular use kanji.

    This word is also listed in dictionaries like Jisho.org as being a JLPT N5 vocabulary word and as being a "common word", yet no JLPT level is listed at all for the kanji itself (higher than N1 then...). :P
  • wigglysquire
    Yea sometimes when I'm able to write a kanji that I think isn't so difficult and learned years ago, some Japanese people are shocked that I can write it and say "that's a really difficult kanji". I'll try to think of one that isn't in the Jouyoukanji. I know I've encountered a few.