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Deprecating Weak list feature

Hello JCJP users,

I would like to take a survey and your opinion about our old system of Weak List feature.

I am thinking to deprecate/remove Weak List feature.
Currently we have a Word stats feature where you can see your personalized:
- Excellent Vocabulary List (maybe I will change it to Perfect Vocabulary List)
- Good Vocabulary List
- Please Learn Vocabulary List ( I will change it to Weak Vocabulary List)

I believe that this Word Stats feature can replace our old system of weak list feature. Also, Word Stats feature is much better in my opinion.

What do you guys think about this?

Thank You,
JCJP Admin
posted by beeant

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  • Stray_Mongrel
    Sounds good to me, as long as I can still see a list of the stuff I keep getting wrong.
  • beeant
    Hello Stray_Mongrel,

    Thank you for your quick response, I have removed the weak list feature, and replaced it with words status.

    please check your statistics page :)
  • Stray_Mongrel
    Excellent change. I liked the old way, I love the new way.

  • Aenan
    Sorry, it seems unreachable... What should I do? I would like to find interesting people here...
  • Aenan
    Excuse me, I have two questions. How to use the alternative for weak lists? I can't find it.... Is it possible to show all weak kanjis and vocabularies, not just some? Thank you!
  • Peacherine
    Honestly, I'm not sure what you meant in your first post... I don't really ever get words on a Weak List anymore, since I've learned so many and don't usually get them wrong. I'm not sure if the "Word stats" you talked about is something you're considering, or something currently in use that you want to improve upon, so I can't say much!

    The relevant area I'd like to mention is actually the "Oblivion List." Several things confuse me about this system. First off, the very first time I saw the "Oblivion List" heading on my page, I was shocked! I couldn't find any FAQ or anything to tell me what that meant... I didn't think I was doing so badly that words went from "Weak" to "Oblivion"! It was confusing. Once I realized it was just words I haven't seen in a while, it made more sense.

    My main issues with the Oblivion List are 1) that there are words in there that don't need to be, and 2) Practice mode doesn't seem to give Oblivion words any preference. My first point is simply that even if 30 days go by without me seeing 一 or 女 or 山 or other things, I absolutely know what they are. I could recite them in my sleep. After a few years of learning Japanese, I don't need such simple words to keep showing up, taking time away from new terms I really don't know as well. My second point ties in: since Practice Mode is a daily check-in activity anyway, it would be nice for it to give preference to those Oblivion words, or words that are getting close to the 30 day mark, to keep them off that list. Right now, my Oblivion list is nearing 400 items in -each- category [and even if I blow through a ton, it regenerates right back up there overnight it seems] and yet I still see handfuls of recent words, even sometimes ones I saw 5 minutes prior, in Practice Mode.

    I know programs/sites like Anki or Smart.fm use spaced-repitition systems, but that kind of programming is probably very specific and possibly not feasible on this site. I wouldn't know for sure, since I don't know much about programming or running websites. But is there any way to modify this problem? Even a Practice Mode "Settings" option to choose between Oblivion, Weak list words, or even just all new words, would be great.

    Thanks for all your work on this site! ❀