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Redesign/remake Discussion


I open this thread to discuss about the site.

I have done the layout of the new design. However, I hesitate that it seems so simple, or even too simple compared to the current version.

The current features are mostly still available.

What do you guys think? Do you think that this site needs a remake or redesign?

Also, I would like to add some new features of this site. Actually it is not a feature, it is just some extra information related to Japan. (I hesitate to implement this because it seems unrelated to this site). But this new feature is actually my motivation to redesign/remake the site.

The information related to Japan would be something like Japanese Celebrity trends ranking, Places in Japan, food. In this way, you can learn more than just Japanese Language.

What do you think about this?

Thank You,
posted by beeant

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  • Ryumatori
    I think this will be cool :)! Implementing Japan's culture along with learning the language is a great a way to dive deeper into their world. I wouldn't mind taking a plunge :3

    As for the new site layout, This one seems alright, but I'm curious to what you have done Bn san :)
  • spanz
    I don't feel that JCJP really needs a redesign (speaking of layout), but JanetMerai did think so some time ago.
    Sure there are things to improve, but they're mainly from the point of view of functionality.

    By the way, is this your idea of surprise? Be a man and deploy your new layout!
    (just kidding, but it would be a waste if we can't see it after all)

    The extra Japanese infos can be unrelated to this site, but so are the ads. As long as they don't interfere, you can always ignore them. Sure they will be much more interesting than the ads.
  • beeant
    thanks for all the input... it motivates me to continue working on it.

    I'm sorry about the ads :(
    I'm hoping to be able to remove it soon or at least put less of them.

    I will post the screenshot of the layout prototype after I'm done.
  • spanz
    Don't worry about the ads. I wasn't complaining. It was just an example.
  • beeant
    Before I work on it too far, I would like to ask you guys on what do you guys expect for improvement?
    More organize lessons? or new features?
    Which features do you want to be removed?
    For spanz, I know I will fix the bugs, what else do you want to see?
  • Ryumatori
    Hmm, well this isn't a gripe or anything, but the level cap seems a bit low. I don't know if it is possible to do, but I would like to see a level cap where it is 100. Although that would make it perhaps, I believe, more intriguing to level up. Also seeing that this is an approach towards an RPG style...I think, having a higher level cap would be, in my opinion, more towards the "rpg" feel, if I may. As for other stuff, perhaps implementing Japanese comics for reading comprehension would be cool. Hmm what else, oh, maybe a new feature could be like, in facebook and Msn, where you can communicate with others directly from the chatbox. Although that seems a bit of work, I think. I am not sure what else I can think of at the moment.
  • spanz
    What else I want to see?
    I don't know. As Ryumatori says, Manga or Magazine reading comprehension sounds good. Many people like also that idea.
    Now that the sounds are more compatible, you could make also a voice quiz. That is, instead of give us a word to select the meaning or the reading, you could give us a voice.
    I'm very busy now. Sorry. I'll think more in another moment.
  • Gituska
    Hi to all! As for the redesign, everything seems alright in my eyes. I trust the intuition of Beeant for KISS-ing (keep it as simple as possible), so I´m curious.
    Insight Japan extras are welcomed, I would like to have more chances to find new friends to add to my list.
  • spanz
    Ah, yes!
    Something about grammar!
  • Ela
    I don't think that JCJP needs a remake. I like simple the way it is right now ... Instade of "extra information related to Japan" more grammar will be just perfect for me. Keep up the good work :)
  • JanetMerai
    I think a remake is actually a good thing, yet I also think it is a bad thing.

    If this site were re-made, it introduces new ideas and flushes out the bad ones.
    Remember cleaning out your room, at the office or anything else?
    You find papers you couldn't find, old ideas that you just mutter to yourself "wtf was I thinking?" when you scribbled it down... you just get rid of the bad ideas and in with the new.

    On the other hand, think of the newer ideas compared to the site right now... it seems like Beaant is trying to revolutionize the website and its content but we are so use to our own culture that changing anything means we are afraid to move on.

    I say re-design, re-make or even revolutionize the site including new ideas, culture information and insight and so on.

    Seriously, if you people want to learn Japanese then don't be hypocrites by saying you aren't doing it for the anime/manga/games trend, try to learn things elsewhere too.
    If you want to go to Japan one day, knowledge of anime, games, manga and so on won't get you anywhere unless you meet a Japanese artist or Game developer.

    On the other hand, the site seems a bit immature but I do love where it is heading.
    Keep in mind I use to make websites myself but quickly realized I wasn't a programmer but an artist (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/janetmerai for my art) so I can see the flaws and problems with this site instantly.

    The community is also filled with non Japanese people... what if more Japanese people came in instead of people who want to learn Japanese?
    If this had a collaborative effort for not only non Japanese, the actual Japanese post the content that WE ourserlves can learn from them and in return the content WE post helps THEM learn.

    Twitter/Facebook and other Social Media websites take this example by far, people post tweets and comments in the blink of an eye which makes it a collaborative interest and that is what drives it.
    When we as Americans, Russians and whatever you happen to be try to post material to LEARN Japanese, it kind of becomes redundant and a lot of mistakes are made without even realizing it until Beeant comes in to the rescue.
    Also, what if other native Japanese developers want to help Beeant create the site?
    Beeant knows some English obviously, but if this site were more "developed" and collaborative, more content, more Japanese natives and a plethora of a whole new era for this site could be born.

    Kind of like how many sites these days which have a global reach include the option to change the text on the fly by choosing your language, if it is detected that your system is set to something or you prefer something, it can be detected and people who know that language would find it easier to reach this site.

    So far what I have seen is people not really being interested in learning Japanese but like Beeant cleverly pointed out, the Japanese culture and involving yourself into the society itself is the BIGGEST accomplishment to learning it.

    Ever since I began listening to Japanese radio, TV and forcing myself to watch RAWS now and then, I never understood how weak I was in Japanese to begin with.

    So we just need to let Beeant make the decisions and let him know what this site may need.
    Personal attachments are a big flaw too, too many of you people seem to take it personally when you have to change your habits.
    Sure this site is good already, but for me as a person who wants to learn Japanese in every-way I can in all directions and alternatives, there is only so much you can do.

    Beeant, with this I say re-make, re-do, revolutionize, re-design or do anything to make learning Japanese easy, fun, clever and the best way to do it is with a native Japanese person :3

    I remember a Japanese friend of mine on Skype saying:
    "Practice, practice!! Everyday, all the time, involve yourself in the culture, be a part of it and understand it!"
    He couldn't be more right, this is from a native Japanese person trying to learn English himself and he told me this.

    The problem with native non Japanese is that we try to learn Japanese while using our own culture which is a MAJOR flaw that we need to get rid of... since when did Japan move to America?
    No, Japan just adopts and introduces some ideas and concepts derived from us but remains the way Japan is.

    Beeant, make this site better than it ever was and I support you :3
  • Artur
    I would like to have a better ability to change translations of the site itself if something doesn't look right. Something like a translator section (of course just available for translators) ^^.