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There needs to be a Grammar Section

I have been trying to understand Grammar better but it goes to guidetojapanese which is great... but sometimes not all people agree or understand things in one way.

My idea is to have examples with an explanation for the comprehension and context.

For example, if one were to click "Lessons" or "Practice" and Grammar had its own section, users could provide Grammatical sentences, explanations or even snippets with photos from anime, movies and so on.

Like for example:
(With Photo)
What did Naruto mean?

"What was that!?"

(With Photo)
What did Kuroaski Ichigo say?

"Renji-kun, you are very funny, please stop laughing"
"Renji-kun, you are kinda loud, please keep it down"
"Renji-kun, you are being rude, please be nice"
posted by JanetMerai

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  • Crusoe
    Awesome Idea !!
  • JanetMerai
    Any updates on this yet?
  • TicTaek
    I would definitely love to see a grammar section on this site. For me, grammar is something I need a lot of work in so I see it being very useful.
  • silentboxer
  • Oyatsu
    I would love to have a section for grammar practice. It's the thing that I've been working the hardest at to maintain since I stopped taking a university Japanese class.
  • shairn
    Although I have supported the idea in the past, I've come to think that practice is the best way to internalize grammar. For example if you read a book, you don't have to choose a proper translation for everything you already know - you'll just skim past as you read, and if you can't understand something, you'll simply look it up in a manual or whatever. Less time spent flipping flashcards.
  • jakelong00
    i would also love to see a grammar section
  • KuroKenji
    I strongly agree. We're learning words and basic phrases now, but grammar would really help our learning take off!
  • MJSpice
    Strongly Agree
  • R_revival
    I also strongly agree that there should be a grammar section simply because it is fundamental in learning any language.
  • neslie
    Grammar section is a must!

    esp. for me
  • gatsu
    Well, grammar is a must to learn esp. if you want to be good at speaking, so yes, we need a grammar section if possible.
  • alonso1123
  • Mica
    I agree with Shairn.

    I don't think Grammar should be forcefully learned. I believe it would be best to gain some basics on grammar, and from then, just start reading things that are interesting to you & that come from reliable resources. {as in, 'should' use correct grammar. Books,official sites, etc...}

    You don't need to know why "The tree cat climbed" sounds weird in English, as long as you understand it doesn't 'sound right' {Meaning, it isn't grammatically correct in English}. The same thing should eventually happen after you read Japanese often enough. Once you get to this point, or to the point where you wish to write/create your own sentences, you would then start figuring out why it is that it doesn't make sense.

    You could try reading a kid-oriented Newspaper to start out before moving on to possibly more difficult things if you don't have a clue on where to begin~
  • Mimosa
    This is a great idea.