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Asking for feedback on sentence and groups feature

Hello JCJP users,

As you may know, I am currently working on the new JCJP.
I'm wondering if you guys need the sentence making feature in JCJP.
This feature can be found on "Groups".

I am planning to remove the sentence making feature in the new JCJP.
Maybe the entire Groups feature.
Please let me know what do you guys think.

Thank You,
posted by beeant

Comments 3

  • Medyrius
    Personally, I haven't used those features much so far and I think the reason is they were kind of deserted when I knew about them...
  • Mica
    I actually didn't know about that feature until you mentioned it. It's the second time I go into the groups tab, which the first was a little while ago but I thought that the group page only showed the progress in language translation and that the languages weren't click-able.

    I don't think I may end up using it much either. By the time I know enough, I may be using articles, webpages or other things I search for in order to practice.

    Are those sentences also the ones used as random examples in Random Mode? If so, I do like having them there even if I don't actually look at them too often.

  • beeant
    Those sentences are not used anywhere for sentence like in Random Practice and dictionary.

    So I guess it is better to remove Groups feature. Anybody who disagree with this?