List of unique online Japanese dictionaries

Here is a list all the unique Japanese dictionaries I can think of that are searchable online. When I say "unique", I mean not just hundreds of EDICT clones ( which all give the same answers but rather dictionaries that make use of different sources. For example: 大辞林 (Daijirin) is an actual physical dictionary used in Japan and it can be searched online using (among other sites like,,, etc.)

I've wanted to put this list up for a while, somewhere easy to find. I've had to put the list in the first comment so as not to take up too much Social Feed space (which I've ended up wasting by rambling instead anyway)...

If anyone knows any others (unique ones only), please add them. ^^
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  • mog86uk
    --- 国語 Dictionaries ---

    Shōgakukan's Digital Daijisen

    大辞林 第三版 (三省堂)
    Sanseido's Daijirin (3rd ed)

    Sanseido's Daily Concise Japanese Dictionary

    --- 英和・和英 Dictionaries ---



    Honyaku Star

    --- 英和 Dictionaries ---

    Shōgakukan's Progressive English-Japanese Dictionary (4th ed)

    新英和中辞典 第6版 (研究社)
    Kenkyūsha's New College English-Japanese Dictionary (6th ed)

    Daily Concise English-Japanese Dictionary

    --- 和英 Dictionaries ---

    プログレッシブ和英中辞典 (第3版)
    Shōgakukan's Progressive Japanese-English Dictionary (3rd ed)

    新和英中辞典 第4版 (研究社)
    Kenkyūsha's New College Japanese-English Dictionary (4th ed)

    Sanseido's Daily Concise Japanese-English Dictionary
  • mog86uk
    I suppose Wiktionary is pretty much a dictionary by some standards. Guess it wouldn't hurt to add it...

    Wiktionary (和英)

    Wiktionary (国語)

    Entering Japanese words in the English version of Wiktionary seems to give better results than in the Japanese version most of the time.
  • mog86uk
  • mog86uk
    I guess as I used macrons for the other names, I should probably have spelt Sanseidō with a macron too, for consistency. Not really sure why I randomly decided to make use of macrons anyway... :P
  • mog86uk
    Bleh, I removed too much of the links, making them not work. Wish we could edit posts, instead of leaving a crazy mess... Not that it really matters, because you can select whatever mode you want on the page, but would have been nice if the link selected the correct modes. Here are the working links of Sanseidō's Daily Concise dictionaries:



  • ricardojp
    Thanks Mr. Mog
  • mog86uk
    People who are happy to pay subscription fee to use online dictionaries might be interested in having access to all the other dictionaries on Sanseidō's site for 250円/month (3,000円/year). You can see the full list of available dictionaries on their top page:

    Better yet, if you're happy to fork over a lot more money just to read dictionaries and other educational stuff, you can have online access to the biggest Japanese physical dictionary: the 日本国語大辞典 (the Nihon Kokugo Daijiten)! Access to this is much more expensive at 1,620円/month (16,200円/year) but it also gives you access to a huge load of other extremely amazing things:

    Both of these options aren't really very sensible for just trying to learn to speak Japanese. I haven't subscribed to either of them, as it would just be wasting money on something I'm not at the level to make use of. Still, it would be awesome to have online access to the Nikkoku all the same... :P
  • mog86uk
    @ricardojp, Hope some of the links in this mess are helpful to you. I ramble on about way too much... ^^;
  • HuongHitachi
    It's very kind of you. I haven't known about them until you mention. Just be sad about my JLPT result, but now I have motivation again. Thanks a lot.
  • Koukyoshi
    Thanks for this. I usually use the same old dictionaries, but it's good to have something else for reference.
  • Aarowaim
    One of my favourites while translating is

    It's made for Japanese people to translate into english. Because the English translations are so crude, it becomes easy to tell the nuance of the original word. It also has many colloquialisms!
    It's great for those tricky words you may not find in English or Japanese dictionaries.
  • jimhaku
    Thanks, I usually consult offline dictionaries for different definitions. Always good to have more at hand.