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3D Game Idea, I need your input!

So I want to make a 3D game to learn Japanese, but at the same time I don't want to take the initiative most authors use and create a big list of words and make flash-cards or use software to digitally re-create it.

What I want to do is make a game where all you do is live in Japan and learn the language, culture and become a part of Japan without having to translate anything.
Though most games do that well without being translated, I figured creating emphasis on helping you to understand key-points of history, language and culture could be understood if done properly.

How can you enjoy a game when you have to resort to that dictionary and find the proper Kanji or compound?

This idea came to me when I met a deaf-mute at work about a week back, I had to find out what he said by watching his body-language, objects and other forms of communication, so that actually helped me to understand him without speaking a word.
He pointed to his his wrist and then to my phone, then when I didn't get it, he used his finger to point to the numbers for the time on my phone and pointed to his wrist again, which clearly defined that he wanted to know what time it was.

I think using suggestion and body language would be helpful but it could become stale and over-done.

So in that idea, I was thinking that if people want to learn, the best way is by example.
If I had skits and small little parts to show off language and ideas, heavily influenced by JapanesePod101, it could demonstrate the concept, conflict, problem, contemplation, conclusion and solution which all consist of problem solving skills.

Maybe you have a quest to help a woman get to a company by the densha/train but she is having memory problems... so to help solve her predicament the event could be designed to present her problem, give you clues to solve her problem, use her to give hints to the player and then the player can solve the problem on their own and she congratulates the player to disguise the fact you were given help all along :3

Anyone have any ideas, suggestions or advice?
Here is my portfolio:

posted by JanetMerai

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  • spanz
    I like the idea, although I can't imagine it properly yet. Do you mean a kind of adventure game? How do you plan to give the hints? In English? In Japanese? Are the hints really necessary?

    Concept, conflict, problem, contemplation, conclusion and solution... my head is spinning!

    I guess I need a script of one of those such events to be able to understand your idea, but it sounds great. Count on me to play!
  • spanz
    Do you know Ren'py? (http://www.renpy.org/)
    It's a multiplatform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android) open source 2D game engine to create visual novels, date sims, and conversational games in general.
    The game scripts seem to be easy to write. I haven't used it, though.
    It could be useful to test the events in an easier 2D version, prior to make them in 3D.
  • JanetMerai
    Well, I am thinking that the best way to learn Japanese is probably learning without knowing it :3

    In my experience, learning has had more to do with playing games, translating as many Vocabulary and Kanji that I see no matter where it may be, translating songs and so on.

    My guess is that learning Japanese comes from being involved WITH Japan instead of filtering Americans to learn Japanese in America.

    Possibly a fake Japan world that you live in Japan learning Japanese... because noone has the money to travel to Japan lol
  • Reido
    Janet I think this is an excellent idea. If you follow through with this idea I think it will help many gamers learn japanese :). The example of the deaf-mute person and the way body language helped I think learning by immersion and talking to a fake japanese person despite the fact you don't know japanese is a good idea and is a faster way to learn japanese. ;)
  • izukuni
    Awesome idea id definately play it.
  • JanetMerai
    Anyone willing to program/code it?
    When there are enough people interested in helping the production I can begin writing a game design documentation.
    My best expertise is 3D modeling, textures, rigging, animation and design.