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Apologize for canceling the new JCJP release

Hello all JCJP users,

I apologize for canceling the release of our new JCJP.

We have to return to our current JCJP, because after releasing the new JCJP, me and some of you may noticed that it was pretty heavy.

From that, I think we need better computer resources to move on to new JCJP.
Please consider to donate any amount of funds, so we can afford better computer resources.

Meanwhile, I will continue to optimize the code of our new JCJP to make it as light as possible.

Please be a bit more patient for the release of our new JCJP.

Thank you,
posted by beeant

Comments 4

  • mog86uk
    I was a little concerned that this might happen. We haven't had enough people online at the same time, on the beta JCJP, to be able to predict how well it was going to manage heavy loads.

    Keep up the good work though! Try to enjoy the challenge! ^^
  • adkdcmorgan
    I missed the opportunity to try the new release yesterday. I am thankful for all of your efforts. Good luck to you!! I am looking forward to using the new version!
  • lolnada
    this new JCJP looks great actually, and it's not that havy to load actually
  • ricardojp
    Thank you very much for your great efforts!