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Some maths...

11,203,850 — My EXP (no non-capped EXP remaining in the Practice feature)
12,598,764 — Lv1~8 absolute maximum potential non-capped EXP.
13,703,085 — Medyrius' EXP (no lv7~8 questions answered) + absolute maximum potential non-capped EXP available from lv7~8 (3,703,010 EXP).

I wonder what I should aim for in order to stay motivated...
posted by mog86uk

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  • mog86uk
    So I still need to earn almost 1.4 million EXP to match the amount of non-capped (not limited to 1 EXP per question) EXP someone else could potentially earn doing Practice (if they manage to correctly answer every single lv1~8 question 29 times each without ever making any mistakes, all in one massive long combo).

    This means I now need to either: answer 1.4 million capped-EXP Practice questions (1 EXP each), or answer 200,000 non-capped EXP Readings quiz questions (7 EXP each).

    It would be quicker to make a new account and just answer the 4,185 lv1~8 questions 29 times each, being careful not to make any mistakes — 121,365 Practice questions (4,185 x 29).

    And, even after all that, I'd still need to answer a further 1.1 million EXP to be safe from what might happen if Medyrius ever decides to start answering lv7~8 questions. XD
  • Lilgenski
    My Brain hurts lol
  • mog86uk
    @Lilgenski, Lol. I didn't even post my calculation notes, which is the much more complicated part. I tried to keep the post simple. I could post the calculations if your brain is enjoying the maths. :P
    @mog86uk There are always the readings! That's all you can do to earn more EXP!
  • mog86uk
    @JACKBOSMA. I mentioned Readings in my first comment post—about how I would need to answer 200,000 questions in the Readings feature (many many more if some are over 29 times answered correct) to earn my initial target EXP.

    However, I don't really enjoy using the Readings feature. For various reasons I find it very dull and dry to use:

    ・No combo. This is a fun aspect of Practice, and makes you try hard to pick the correct answers and makes you want to answer questions in quick succession. The feeling when you answer a question wrong in Readings or Notes quizzes is not the same as for Practice because there is no combo to worry about losing.

    ・No community feeling. On the Readings/Notes/Lessons pages, you don't have the "online users list" and it feels like you might be the only person on the site. Even if the online users list was there, the EXP you get per question is so measly that you can't realistically compete with other users who are using Practice.

    ・The short chunks of articles are rarely interesting at all to read. Even if you use the search feature to find something you are interested in, most often the article chunk it shows will just be a boring introduction blurb kind of text. Newspaper-like articles aren't all that ideal for this feature. And also the way the quiz is set up doesn't really motivate you to read the article either, as you would probably want to read it straight after doing the quiz yet it says you are done and suggests a new article to move onto next.

    ・My answer-by-typing mod only works on the Practice feature. I could code it to also work for the Readings and Notes features, but I don't think it would be very suited to this unlike how effective it is for the Practice feature. I find it hard to want to adjust back to having to study the answer choices carefully, when with my mod I just type an answer from my head without needing to look at anything else other than the question.

    The lack of competiveness, EXP, combo, community, and the difficulty to find anything interesting enough to read... Most of the time I feel like the time I spend on the Readings feature I could instead just go read some manga in Japanese with an online dictionary at the ready. It would still be a lonely, non-competitive experience doing this, but at least it would be something I'd actually want to read. Or even better, find some of these in Japanese language: blogs, forums, chat rooms, facebook/twitter posts, wikipedia articles, TV drama scripts, ... and anything else with useful conversational dialogue to learn from. Much more useful than newspaper headlines/introduction blurb.
  • mog86uk
    I'd love to see the Readings feature improved. It's still a very unique, cool idea, with the way it is implemented. I'm still going to try to use it a bit (mainly to get 7 EXP instead of 1 EXP per question), but it's going to take a lot of forcing myself rather than wanting to do it. ^^;
  • Ryuhu
    @mog86uk Your calculations and thoughts are intriguing. I also tried to carry out some for myself but failed to find any initial values on the site. Can you give me a hint?
  • haidashira
    @mog86uk I have a personal question of you I think many would like to know its answer and of course I would appreciate your answer too! I would like to know how does it feel to "learn" or "know" everything on this website ? can you read a book in Japanese or take JLPT N1 exam and pass (N1's 読解 section at least) ?
  • mog86uk
    @Ryuhu, How the EXP is calculated for each Practice question (how I understand it anyway)—

    (QuestionLevel + QuestionType) x CurrentComboBonus

    ・Question Level:
    Level 1: 1 exp
    Level 2: 2 exp
    Level 8: 8 exp

    ・Question Type:
    Vocabulary: 5 exp
    Kanji: 6 exp

    ・Current Combo Bonus EXP Multiplier:
    1 to 19 combo: x1
    20 to 29 combo: x2
    30 to 39 combo: x3
    90 to 99 combo: x9
    100+ combo: x10

    — Vocabulary —
    Lv1 vocab = 6 exp (1 + 5)
    Lv2 vocab = 7 exp (2 + 5)
    Lv8 vocab = 13 exp (8 + 5)

    — Kanji —
    Lv1 kanji = 7 exp (1 + 6)
    Lv2 kanji = 8 exp (2 + 6)
    Lv8 kanji = 14 exp (8 + 6)

    Then you just multiply whatever your combo bonus is to this.

    — Completely random example:
    "You answer a level 6 vocabulary question, and it is the 63rd question you have answered correctly in a row"...

    Lv6 vocab @ 63 combo = 66 exp

    Lv6 vocab = 11 exp (6 + 5)
    63 combo = x6 combo bonus multiplier
    11 x 6 = 66

    — Highest EXP you can earn on a single question:
    "Lv8 kanji, on 100 (or higher) combo"...
    = 14 exp and x10 combo bonus
    = 140 exp.
  • mog86uk
    @Ryuhu, I decided to double-check my old calculations, as I didn't put much effort into it last time. Turns out I had made an error, because I thought there were 329 lv3 kanji and 253 level 4 kanji questions; and therefore, my previously stated absolute maximum uncapped EXP is 290 EXP lower than it should have been.

    I'll post my workings out for how I worked out the maximum potential for "non-capped EXP" earnable Practice:

    All questions on this site are affected by an EXP earning cap once you've answered them 29 times correctly. On the 30th time you correctly answer the question, from this time onwards the EXP you recieve on that question is now capped at 1 EXP (it ignores question type and level, and ignores your combo—always only 1 EXP). Until near the end of last year, capped questions used to not give any EXP at all—always 0 EXP!

    Now, the calculations are based on a user joining the site and answering every one of the 4,185 Practice questions correctly 29 times each, all in one long massive combo without ever making a mistake. This also means you can't answer any questions within the Lessons, because each time you answer it there is counted too and you can't receive combo bonus in the Lessons. So these calculations are based on always having x10 combo bonus on every question:

    V = vocab; K = kanji.
    V1 = Lv1 vocab; V2 = Lv2 vocab; etc.

    V1: 171 questions = 297,540 exp (= 60 exp x 171 x 29)
    V2: 190 questions = 385,700 exp (= 70 exp x 190 x 29)
    V3: 189 questions = 438,480 exp (= 80 exp x 189 x 29)
    V4: 209 questions = 545,490 exp (= 90 exp x 209 x 29)
    V5: 696 questions =2,018,400 exp (=100 exp x 696 x 29)
    V6: 298 questions = 950,620 exp (=110 exp x 298 x 29)
    V7: 200 questions = 696,000 exp (=120 exp x 200 x 29)
    V8: 200 questions = 754,000 exp (=130 exp x 200 x 29)

    K1: 111 questions = 225,330 exp (= 70 exp x 111 x 29)
    K2: 185 questions = 429,200 exp (= 80 exp x 185 x 29)
    K3: 189 questions = 493,290 exp (= 90 exp x 189 x 29)
    K4: 328 questions = 951,200 exp (=100 exp x 328 x 29)
    K5: 254 questions = 810,260 exp (=110 exp x 254 x 29)
    K6: 389 questions =1,353,720 exp (=120 exp x 389 x 29)
    K7: 295 questions =1,112,150 exp (=130 exp x 295 x 29)
    K8: 281 questions =1,140,860 exp (=140 exp x 281 x 29)

    V1~8: 2,153 questions = 6,086,230 exp
    K1~8: 2,038 questions = 6,516,010 exp

    Total: 4,195 questions = 12,602,240 exp ...

    ...Or at least it would be, BUT... Of course, you don't start off with x10 combo bonus when you create your account. So it's impossible for the first 99 questions to have x10 combo bonus. The most economical option is to waste 99 lv1 vocab questions. So we need to subtract this loss...

    -5,940 = V1 (6 exp) x 99 questions & x10 combo bonus

    ...Then add the real first 99 lv1 vocab questions exp:

    +114 = V1 (6 exp) x 19 questions & x1 combo bonus (#1-19)
    +120 = V1 (6 exp) x 10 questions & x2 combo bonus (#20-29)
    +180 = 6 x 10 questions x3 (#30-39)
    +240 = 6 x 10 x4 (#40-49)
    +300 = 6 x 10 x5 (#50-59)
    +360 = 6 x 10 x6 (#60-69)
    +420 = 6 x 10 x7 (#70-79)
    +480 = 6 x 10 x8 (#80-89)
    +540 = 6 x 10 x9 (#90-99)

    + 2,754 = V1 #1-99 (114+120+180+240+300+360+420+480+540)

    Uncapped Practice EXP Absolute Maximum Potential:
       = 12,599,054 exp (12,602,240 - 5,940 + 2,754)
  • shirokitsune
    So Mog I know that you have an idea about what is coming for this site in the future... Will that upgrade help you in anyway with your experience or is it a newer way to study the current levels? I am really interested and if there was to say a beta I would love to test it. ;P
  • mog86uk
    @haidashira, That's a difficult question to answer. I haven't only been using just this site for learning Japanese. This site has been very effective for helping me be able to retain a nice varied selection of interesting vocabulary, and has helped me a lot with picking up readings of kanji passively. It's mostly thanks to doing Practice on this site that I've been able to get past always wanting to see furigana on every kanji; now I often feel the opposite about seeing furigana. I don't have much problem with reading kanji anymore, but I feel that my grammar skill is lagging behind.

    I can read manga and books, but usually at quite a slow pace and requiring more effort than I'm prepared to spare. I don't enjoy reading books in the first place, which doesn't help; I much rather watch anime than read manga, even in English, by a long shot. Still, I don't need furigana, and can usually get by with very few pauses to check a dictionary. Sometimes I can actually read several pages of クレヨンしんちゃん manga without even noticing I'm reading a foreign language, but it's still quite different whenever I attempt to read chapters of the Japanese translation of the Bible I own...

    I definitely wouldn't think I'd be able to pass N1—probably not even the 読解 section without at least a fair bit of revision specific for it. I've never really considered taking any JLPT exams anyway, so it's not like I really know a great deal about the content of each of the exams.

    But using this site alone certainly is not enough to be able to pass N1, especially since listening and grammar aren't really taught here in the first place. For kanji up to N3 level, this site should be good. Just a couple of weeks ago I posted about how many of each JLPT level's kanji are specifically taught in the kanji lesson chapters on this site. Please see my comment on the post below to see what I mean about this. ^^

  • wigglysquire
    You're making me want to make a new account and go slow enough so that I never miss a practice question.
  • haidashira
    Thank you very much ! @mog86uk
  • Ryuhu
    @mog86uk Thank you so much for sharing your calculations and opinion. Really thought-provoking.